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Getting out of your comfort zone into greatness

Excuses, Living An Inspired Life|

Getting out of your comfort zone sometimes sounds easier than it might feel when you are stepping into something new. It doesn't really matter what your trying to do, anything new or different seems like a stretch. For me waking up earlier (as simple as that sounds) can be so uncomfortable that I literally stop [...]

Excuses that lead to a mediocre life

Excuses, Living An Inspired Life|

I know its a brash headline but I really can't help myself. I have fallen "victim" to settling for my excuses and leading a mediocre or ho hum life. I can't deny that. It's pretty easy to do when you are buying your own excuses day after day so much that you believe they are [...]

Doing what you love without worry

Freedom, Living An Inspired Life|

The world is filled with people telling you that getting a good job is the "right thing" to do and trading your time for a paycheck will give you what you want. Although this does work for many people, I wasn't one of them. I always wanted time freedom and I never believed working for [...]

Growth and Pain

authenticity, Living An Inspired Life|

After a two year hiatus from Facebook, it seemed time to come clean to many friends where I had disappeared to and why. I felt like it was time to lead an authentic life in every way even if sometimes I felt completely vulnerable. I posted this and found that people where completely supportive. I'm [...]

Starting Over even when you feel you can’t

Living An Inspired Life|

I'm a few years shy of 50, and I can honestly say "I'm just getting started!" I didn't always feel like that. Every decade up till now I questioned whether I was "to old" to do something. But it wasn't really the right question. The question I had to answer was "was I willing to [...]

Launch of “Living An Inspired Life Project”

Living An Inspired Life|

I'm so excited to announce that I am launching a new international project! It has been an incredible journey discovering how to live an inspired life myself. The last two years have allowed me to live a life of passion and it's only gotten better as each piece has come full circle. I've learned a [...]

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